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About A smile


Wishing many more smiles & happiness always.
We would like you to have a memorable wedding ceremony.
We wish you many memorable family moments
and that you live happily ever after.
We think it is important to have a wedding ceremony to celebrate the new phase of your like that you are about to embark upon.
Palau is waiting for you and the ones you love with the beautiful and luxurious view and the loving atmosphere.
Let Asmile help you to create a unique and special wedding that you have been dreaming of.

Company's Profile

Basic information

Company name A smile Inc.
Establishment 2014.6.1
Head office Japan
Headquarters P.O.BOX 10168,Koror, Republic of Palau 96940
Branch Location
Capital stock 5 million yen
Business wedding ceremony・photography・ make arrangements for wedding party



very organized and full of vitality.
Atsuko was fascinated by the beautiful nature when she first visited Palau. Within 6 months she started living in Palau. Her motto “A-smile” is ‘Have a unique and memorable wedding surrounded by Mother Nature!’
She is pleased to play a part in one of the most important moments of every couple’s life.
She is a hard working woman as she goes back and forth between Palau and Japan.

  • Atsuko’s must have item
  • Salted Kelp


an absolute artist. He loves Palau so much so, he feels restless when he goes back to Japan.
Ryota is a hilarious guy, as he has been known to sing for nervous couples on the way to photo shoot locations so that they can relax. His forte is ‘Tokiko Kato (Japanese female singer)’
However once he holds a camera he becomes an absolute professional. The photos he takes are outstanding!
He lives with a cat, a parrot, a snake and is getting some more animals day by day as he loves animals so much!

  • Ryota’s must have item
  • Betel Nuts


a very earnest person and has guts.
Ritsuko’s motto is ‘It’s all about customers!’
Her former job was restoring paintings (very rare!) and she came to Palau in 2015 to make her dream come true.
One of her dreams is to write ‘Hidden Palau Guidebook’ in Manga style.
She supports bride and groom with attentive service.
She is a very reliable woman.

  • Ritsuko’s must have item
  • Bandana


extraordinaire Angel came to Palau 10 years ago seeking the beautiful ocean and slow living.
He is an outstanding makeup artist who in the past worked for M.A.C. in the U.S. whose cliental included some celebrities.
He loves M.A.C. products and talking about makeup.

  • Angel’s must have item
  • Rollerblades


a very dexterous hair artist who works for a local hair salon and has a lot of fans there.
Susan loves dying her own hair and sometimes it goes too far, however she says that is for improving her skill.

  • Susan’s must have item
  • Hair styling products


a flower artist who can make cute and delicate arrangements.
Benjy is very shy, but once you get to know him you will see that he is very tender-hearted.
He meets any of your requests despite being that Palau is heavily dependent on imported fresh flower.
He is a very dedicated man.

  • Benjy’s must have item
  • A basketball

wedding cordinator ATSUKO IIJIMA

photographer RYOTA NISHIDA


make-up artist Angel

stylist Susan

flower artist Benjy


A smile



A smile llc.

P.O.BOX 10168,
Koror, Republic of Palau 96940

tel680-488-3303 / 680-778-7463



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Wedding Dress 

Preferred Date

We are affiliated with some tour agencies. They will arrange your trip details if you need help.(Residents of Japan only)